Fork FFX 06 is a new technology.

It has the cartridge closed (Not in the atmosphere) has separate oil circuits.

The compression adjustment only regulates the compression (without affecting the extension)

The adjustment of the extension regulates only the extension (without affecting the compression)

Designed for the track, both for its lightness and speed of execution, a system has been designed that, in order to change the spring or the counter spring, simply dismantle a single fork. (only has 1 spring)

The fork is without any maintenance.

The oils for lubrication are separated from the oil which works by compression and extension

The compression and rebound adjustments are only on one Fork foot.

Applications with different configurations and gripper attachments are for:

  • Pit Bike
  • Mini GP
  • Pre GP
  • Pre Moto 3
  • Moto 3