About us

The company FG Gubellini entirely projects and creates its products in Italy; its wide catalogue is composed of around 30.000 articles.

It remains, as a specific choice, a small company, where severe quality standards are applied: the Research and Development department uses extremely modern design technologies, even if the importance of a human intervention sits in the first place.

From 1978 until today, FG Gubellini and its founder, Franco Gubellini, have gone far. Easels and garage equipment production started in the Eighties; during the next decade, suspensions were included, too. In order to purpose high quality articles, it is necessary to acquire a specific know-how and, in fact, Franco Gubellini took the decision to participate in competitions. 

Races were not only a huge motivation to give birth to new ideas, but they were also an important testing place to develop racing suspensions; all the winning experiences contributed to the company’s production, more and more oriented towards the most passionate customers’ needs.

FG Gubellini obtains excellent results in the sport field, underlining the “made in Italy” technology: it managed to win 82 Italian championships, 6 European ones and 2 World ones, in the various motorbike categories.

The company currently stands on an excellent position concerning the five continents market. It has consolidated several collaborations with some of the most famous constructor groups, like Ducati, Triumph, MV Agusta, Bimota, DM Telai, GRC.

In 2015, FG Gubellini is always working on two different fronts: a continuous incrementation in the range of products that will address to the most diffused motorbikes and, in the meanwhile, a parallel service of direct assistance for the Team Partners on the race field.

FG Gubellini stays close to its philosophy: every motor-biker is a pilot and, as a pilot, he requires a specific ciclistic, based on his particular needs. Due to this aim, the company offers a wide range of products and a direct interaction with the customer, that are studied to obtain the maximum personalisation and satisfaction, something never seen before.

What do we offer:

  • A vast range of products
  • A long experience on the track
  • Qualified customer service
  • Specific products to any motorcycle
  • Multifarious regulations for a personal set-up
  • The same products which are running on the track
  • 5 years guarantee - Total trust - worthiness