Why FG Gubellini

FG Gubellini manufactures and sells accessories for motorcycles for over 25 years. FG is an small Italian company who made motorcycle accesories that are able to compete to large international companies. This is thanks to the genius of the family Gubellini. This name in fact, over the years has become synonymous of quality suspension. Our engineering departments designs, manufactures after market suspension for street and sport bikes for all brands.
All this is not enough! So what distinguishes us and what we care about providing our customers

Why choose FG Gubellini? The first reason is the technology that makes our product. FG is an Italian excellence in the sphere of suspensions for motorcycles. As a small company FG make its succes into the road racing competitions winning over 50 national titles in different categories and two world titles SuperSport. The relatively small size of FG Gubellini provide a design efficiency and speed in responding to industry needs. All this translates into continual product development and use of new technologies.

Experience alone is not enough, we need ideas and innovation. Today the technology used to build shock absorbers and forks is very high and many brands can offer competitive products. What you need to stand out from the crowd then? What really ensures added value into the product FG?

FG is able to adapt the products to the customer needs. To optimize the combination bike / rider FG has developed a suspension that can be easily adapted to the needs of each of you. There is no mention of custom settings, but a real customization of components that characterize the works of the suspensions. In FG Gubellini mono shocks, such as fork cartridges, are not built in automated chain, but they are mounted one by one, so we can manage the individual requests for each customer. Is your weight 65 Kg or 95? How tall asre you? 1.60cm or 1.90? These factors affect on to the dynamics of your bike and for this reason you need a suspension designed around you. Your riding style is smoothed or agressive? Do not limit yourselft. Don't buy a suspension and just calibrate it! Design your suspension. Let FG plans for you, Thanks to 25 years of experience we can do it. And all this is free!

FG Gubellini is not just a company that can meet the needs of eachselected customer . FG Special Parts is a partner of leading companies in the field of two-wheelers such as Ducati, MV Agusta, Triumph and Polini and DM. For them FG Special Parts produces small series of suspensions and accessories aftermarket with high quality standards. FG Gubellini is so sure of its products that offer lifetime warranty on their suspensions.