Steering dampers

Steering damper body totally formed from the solid in anodised and polished Ergal, with a floating cylinder inside which completely separates the oil from the expansion chamber.

. Micrometric adjustment for calibrating the hydraulic damping by means of a 28-click knob on the side of the reservoir.
. Anodised knob in six colours.
. Stroke mm 35 - 40 - 50 - 60 - 80 - 130.
. Bolts in steel. Ball joint in AL7075 alloy, with ball in chromed steel/PTFE/steel.
. Clamping ring in Ergal with ball in chromed steel/PTFE/steel.
. Rod in high-strength steel alloy with hard chrome plating

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Rotative steering damper

In 2010 FG design a new extremely versatile and performing rotative steering damper is born from the experience gained on the track by the racing department. It is provided with a wide large of hydraulic regulations. Light and not voluminous, it is suitable to be mounted on varied motorcycle models. It allows to adapt to several uses

- Alluminium 7075
- Temperature compensed
- Rotative rod diameter 12
- Hydraulic effect proportional to steering movement